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tv   Politicking With Larry King  RT  August 4, 2017 6:29am-7:01am EDT

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and documentary maker dinesh d'souza his newest book going to have it right here is in titled the big lie exposing the nazi roots of the american left thanks for joining us dinesh will get to the book in a little while what do you make of the current shakeup at the white house. well i think that it's a reflection of the fact that trump is a an outsider he's coming from. a space that's kind of remote from normal politics i expected there to be some convulsions and sure enough we're seeing a little bit of convulsion a little bit of chaos but that doesn't mean the borton things are not being accomplished at the same time like. well i think the most important thing is the is the fact that at least from my point of view. it's i subtly save the supreme court if you're a member of a supreme court nominations were very traumatic for bush they were difficult for reagan reagan couldn't get the bork nomination through handled the gore such
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nomination would supreme aplomb so on a really important issue the president hasn't in the very beginning of his administration come through in a very substantive and lasting way but that was a year after republicans blocked a nominee who was chosen by the previous president with a year to go in his term and it wasn't there was a. look i you know i think the problem here is that the supreme court i think has been regrettably. become a political football when a issue comes up before the court now the democratic left can count with euclidian certitude on its own four members voting its way and so this is gone a long way from the idea that the justices sort of removed from politics they read they look at the constitution they look to see if a law matches what the constitutional text unfortunately the democrats want to nominate democrats and the republicans want to nominate republicans it's become
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a contest of power so it's either bodies of force there right now yes i think there's a lot of blame on both sides and gates jeb bush described donald trump as a chaos candidate and they were running in the primaries you must admit the chaos is a pretty good word to describe the first six months i agree that there's been a good deal of chaos certainly in terms of personnel i understand that there are there are large areas of the government that haven't really been populated with confirmed nominees and i look i think that this is an abnormal time in american politics and donald trump is the result of that he hasn't actually core that cause the abnormality it's that republicans looked around and said basically look we tried a guy like romney we tried a guy like mccain these were respectable guys from the center of the party and they were turned by the other side into lucifer romney for making
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a buck was made to seem like some kind of corrupt plutocrat well trump is even more money than romney but you can't accuse him of being wealthy because then he tells you he's even wealthier so the republicans basically decided we need a tough guy to stand up to the kind of attacks that our candidates get from the left that's how we got trump do you do this diminish no matter what side you're on a low point in american politics. well i think that we are in a low point in american politics but it really began earlier with a with obama in other words if i look at the obama hillary period of politics it's very different from the old democrats and i would even include bill clinton in the list. truman j.f.k. even jimmy carter for all his failings were a different breed of democrat so american politics when i came to america the age of seventeen in the late seventy's american politics was more of a gentlemen's game and even the media reflected that look would walter cronkite put
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up with the kind of thing that passes for journalism today by and large you had news on the news space age and opinion on the editorial page but now when i open the new york times page one i feel like i'm reading a nonstop rant against trump the distinction between the news page and the op ed they just completely dissolved the other hand we have news. right but remember that fox news was a response to the fact that not only the mainstream channels but all the cable channels have become thoroughly politicized and in effect roger ailes said listen we've got m.s.n. b.c. on the left we've got c.n.n. out there there's going to be a market for right wing news and so i would much rather have seen mainstream channels that opened a genuine debate from both sides but that's not the america we live in now what went wrong bill. i think what went wrong with the health care bill is that the
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republicans did not actually expect hillary to lose i didn't expect hillary to lose and so they really didn't do the kind of work not only the intellectual work but also the political work of solidifying their majority and realizing listen we actually are going to have an opportunity to redo this whole health care thing which admittedly hasn't worked out all that well and so the republicans were caught unprepared. but remember the replacing repealing and replacing would be show easy it will be done with no problem that well i don't think that's right and i think in a way you could say that maybe did not anticipate that when you have a federal program any program particularly a program that's offering people of subsidies it's giving people benefits and then you're going to try to redesign the program that in some ways will take away at least some of those benefits that's never going to be easy. a lot of it comes on the console do you feel will be getting be a book shortly do you feel there's
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a right i feel that health is a right in the same sense that food is a right larry we have a right to eat right but can you imagine if the government declared that you could go to your local vons or safeway you can get as much food as you want and when you go up to the counter you don't have to pay some third guy would pay now if that happens think of what would occur first of all you would overstock your cart second of all the people who run vons and safeway would say listen i know that larry isn't paying i'm going to increase the price of milk from two dollars to twenty five dollars because larry is not going to care so you can see that once you get away from the simple accountability of one guy receiving a service and paying for it you corrupt the whole system and allow all kinds of unintended consequences to take effect but we do have food stamps for people who can afford to buy food because you certainly don't want to see anyone starves right and if obama if obama had said listen there are
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a bunch of people who are needy they're below the poverty line and they don't have health care insurance i'm going to give them health care insurance that would be a completely different debate than the government trying to take over one sixth of the whole economy and for spur frankly healthy people who are young who don't want to buy health insurance to make them buy it. donal recently said that with the exception of the way the abraham lincoln he can be more presidential than any president deserves holding office what are your thoughts about the personality of my friend donald who i know for thirty five years well look you know certainly if one were to look at the the people who have occupied the oval office donald trump is an outlier he doesn't have the same temperament as most of the republicans or democrats who have occupied the presidency he is unusually flamboyant he's brash he in that sense is the kind of person who normally wouldn't even be in politics so his very success the very fact that he was able not only to win the presidency but
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to beat hillary in traditionally democratic territory michigan wisconsin pennsylvania shows you that there is a hunger in the country for throwing out the rules and trying something new to measure you know how controversial you can be but as always great having you with us you recently. you recently said about john mccain who voted no on skinny obamacare in june you tweeted that mccain's camp witi by leftist dugs in vietnam was involuntary his captivity by leftists them using the media today is a less voluntary. you think that john mccain is a victim of let's do studies in the media. well let's put it this way larry here is the anomaly and i you know i admit that i was i was a little high laying off the voluntary involuntary thing now meghan mccain his
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daughter was very upset with me because she thought i was somehow making light of his captivity and i certainly wasn't i didn't say anything negative about that at all here's the point i'm trying to make john mccain actually actively campaigned for reelection on the idea that he was going to undo obamacare that he was going to lead the fight against it so can you imagine you've got a whole bunch of arizona is voting for this guy and trusting him with carrying out if you will their wishes their values he is elected on that platform and then when the day comes he turns on them so this is a bit of a slap in the face you might say and he's doing it on his own so i say that he's not captive to the voters that's for sure who is a captive to he's getting accolades from the media from schumer it looks to me like they're accolades were more important to him than the affirmation of it of the people who voted for him but frankly the plan did not overthrow obamacare no i agree but i think the republicans having failed to sort of chop off the whole thing
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at the knees we're trying to lop it off one piece at a time look i don't i'm not approving the strategy i'm simply saying that sometimes half a loaf is better than no loaf at all what do you think. all the nations of the world are we have such a difficulty with health care i mean you could look at the european system as a single payer you don't like gives the nod to their lives when it is the same as ours we don't have the highest hope rate in the world or infant mortality is seventeen why didn't we get get a hold of health care. well you know we america is a little different society than europe on the one hand european society has more security but they have less mobility and they have less opportunity by and large if you meet a rich guy in europe it's a fair bet that he comes from or he or she comes from a rich family of course you have success stories but they're kind of rare and
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that's why people talk about them in france or in england for example in america we don't even count success stories because they're just so numerous and so i agree a society is going to make a certain tradeoff between security by which i mean having your retirement paid for your health care paid for your maternity care paid for there's a tradeoff between all that on the one hand and having a very versatile entrepreneurial open society it's no accident for example that most of the innovations and inventions occur here in america not in europe. of the fittest no not really i mean if you think of the whole of technological revolution that's made so many people's lives better i mean the cell phone doesn't just make you know steve jobs is life better it makes a small entrepreneurs all over the world including in calcutta and bombay they're able to do business in a way they couldn't before now the impetus for creating that you really need an
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entrepreneurial society to get that kind of stuff and i'm saying we do have that environment in this country we should be careful not to disturb it as a. whole would you define in donald trump's philosophy. i think trump's philosophy is a certain kind of very basic americanism and buy american isn't what i mean what i think he means is that this is an immigrant society this is a society where people come to make a better life just like me they start off at the bottom of the ladder and they move up the ladder of opportunity and i think trump feels that we need to protect those ladders of opportunity now he doesn't say it exactly that way hillview slogans like make america great again but i think what he means is that there was there was an american dream that most americans could count on they can't count on it anymore he's trying to give it back to them and when we do come back from the break we'll talk about the book the big lie and we're just suze it exposes the nazi roots of
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the american left we'll be right back stay right there. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself and taken your last wrong turn. to us we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry. so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each. and my feeling started to change you talked about more like it was again still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question are. secretly promised to never be like it's one does not leave the funeral in the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with this one to. speak to you just never know what they're trying.
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to claim that mainstream media has not its maker. thank you again this is how it works now the economy is built around corporations corporations run washington washington the media the media over and voters elected the businessman to run this country business equals power you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. economic development is all about numbers we're really pleased to report this quarter we are modern six point zero. but what do we know about the other figures. when i think about that there are see mike.
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mangan over twenty million dollars last year more than one thousand times the average wal-mart is that. with all due respect i have to say i don't think that's right. is that just how a free market would. people went from pretty simple financial lives pre nine hundred eighty to the point now where people are. just totally submerged in their financial accounts and they're all in debt and what exactly devoid society. the whatever the government try to do it boils it nicely maybe. it might be making things worse. by saying this is not how capitalism works this is all capitalism goes hopelessly disastrously wrong.
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it's about to politicking i'm talking with denise d'souza bestselling author documentary maker and his new book is the big law exposing the nazi roots of the american left we just left on the last statements you made was about trump's nationalism one of the big concepts of naziism most nationalism. but all us germany is better than other countries arion as well better that's the opposite of the left in america. well it is true that nationalism was one of the features as you say of naziism and of fascism generally but just remember the nationalism is much broader than that i come from india gandhi was a nationalist nelson mandela was a ferocious nationalist who was a very attached to south africa. fidel castro was
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a nationalist che guevara was and most of the anti colonial leaders were nationalists stalin was a nationalist who celebrated what he called mother russia so if nationalism equals fascism all these people would be fascist which they clearly weren't so you can't be a nationalist on the left didn't the show was done the right absolutely and i don't think it's nationalism that's what makes the left today fascist what makes the left fascist is that when i go out to speak on the campus i will see masked protesters wearing black outfits carrying weapons who drive dissenting conservative speakers off the campus these are people who are ready to use intimidation and force to prevent a point of view from being aired that is never aired on the campus and now they call themselves anti fascist larry but to me they resemble miscellanies blackshirts or hitler's brownshirts they look like them they talk like them they act like them and so therefore i'd conclude that these people in the name of anti fascism are
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actually using fascist tactics but they don't win out we have a vibrant less than a vibrant right in the. good old chuck schumer of fascist. no but i think that the i think that the ideology and the economic policy of fascism has always been on the left let's remember that hitler was a national socialist he changed the name of the german workers' party to the national socialist german workers' party miscellany was a marxist and a lifelong socialist so this whole concept that fascism somehow comes from the right is very misleading fascism is the ideology of the centralized state you're saying mussolini. i'm saying the not only was mostly me a left wing about mussolini considered himself a left winger even the people who criticize mussolini called him a left winger when mousseline needed is a march on roman one nine hundred twenty two lenin sent him a letter a telegram of congratulations why because lenin understood that mussolini was
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a fellow revolutionary of the left that wasn't hitler and mussolini. opponents of communism yes they were but let's remember that sometimes ideologies that are quite similar get into very bitter fights remember larry the catholics and the protestants fought bitterly even though they are both within the house of christendom the she on the sunni will go and fight bitter a battle is even though they're both within the house of islam so sometimes you can be on the same side of the aisle but fight over power or mine or doctrinal differences nevertheless the fact that naziism and fascism and socialism went to war does not mean that they don't have a lot in common. well i would like to see you know i called the knots if they cation and what i mean is that i long for the kind of healthy democratic politics in which people don't regard each other as enemies they don't have to carry weapons they have arguments so they don't have to come to blows i
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actually yearn for the kind of america in which donald trump is actually not even necessary. good talking with you. i think you so most. of the book is the big lie exposing the nazi roots of the american left is out now and available everywhere including for downloads and now turning to a very different view of the current political landscape i'm joined by former congressman patrick murphy democrat of florida he was one of the first millennial zelenka to congress he's now cheering the new future of forum foundation he says it's time for the next generation of leadership does step up and find out what that means the joins us from miami what who are you talking about to. well you know i think most people that i've talked to across the state of florida and across the country for that matter are tired of what they're seeing in
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washington d.c. i think you can see the evidence of that by the current administration that doesn't mean they're happy now in and my experiences in public service being one of the youngest members in congress elected at twenty nine years old what i constantly heard is people saying patrick we need new leadership what we have right now in washington is not working let's get something new so i sort of group called the future reform foundation that was similar to a caucus that i was part of in the congress twenty six members of congress focused on issues that are going to affect the next generation things like student debt things like the sharing economy and what that means for the future of work automation you know artificial intelligence and at the core trying to figure out where are the future of jobs in ten to fifteen years from now they are robots going to put us all out of work or not so we're trying to get into these problems and talk to the millennium goals talk to the businesses but then talk to the elected leaders in washington d.c.
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about these issues those are the things that were rarely discussed in the election . yeah you're exactly right and you know i talked to a lot of folks where they live that are. saying to me i'm sure is saying to you that they feel like that american dream is disappearing and that they're working hard right that they're paying their mortgages or putting their kids in school they're playing by the rules but they don't feel like they're getting ahead and that their children are going to have the same opportunity that they might there's a lot of fingers to point a lot of people to blame some people blame immigration some people blame trade some people you know blame you know terrorism and global instability i believe a lot of that uncertainty though if you boil it down asked to do with the displacement of work and that and the ease that people have because of technology so it wasn't addressed i think that was a mistake and i think democrats and this new group here this future form has an opportunity to take that you know by the handles and say hey this is what's
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happening in the world right this is how things are changing this is where we're going to be in ten years from now and bring that new economic message and address those real problems should nancy pelosi turn over the leadership well leader pelosi has done a lot for the party and she's been a strong leader but i believe that we need some new blood some new energy and ultimately that's going to be up to the democratic caucus those voting members to decide her fate and what happens but ultimately we're going to see the new set of leaders for the house for the senate some governors and who knows what come from this group of twenty six members of congress i believe they've got some good ideas and they've got a lot to add to the conversation. stayed home. yes they did they did they weren't you know they want excited by the candidates and by the choices they had a lot of the issues that they care most about weren't being addressed and it's one
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of these chicken or the egg things as a candidate i'll tell you you're talk to your poll steria talk to your campaign manager. and they say you know here's the issues that are polling a.b.c. and the millennial issues might not be there so you don't talk about them so then they don't show up to vote but agita dress those issues like president obama did you know eight years prior they might have actually shown up to vote so i think both candidates missed an opportunity there trump's approval rating as president is an all time low for a six month presidency forty two percent of the murder of think he should be removed from office forty two percent think he should stay. what the hell is going on. well it shows just how divided our country is but also shows what a bad start this administration's off to you know i want our country to succeed you know whomever the president is i of course voted for hillary clinton thought she
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would have done a good job but that's behind us at this point we need this country to succeed and i think this administration mistake huge opportunity when they first took over to talk about infrastructure which to me is bipartisan to talk about tax reform again that can be bipartisan and how to fix the affordable care act again that could be bipartisan but instead they took a very antagonistic approach that isn't helping americans in fact you know recent you know accounts from the administration almost cheering and aiding the failure of the affordable care act is that what americans want americans want washington to be in the background doing their thing getting things done to help them and not in the front and center with drama and headlines every single day and it seems that this president wants to live in a reality show with the biggest scale that been doing to help everyday americans so i think this approval rating is going to continue to drop i think more and more
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republicans are going to come to their senses like senator jeff flake recently came out and said that they're in denial you know it's a republican senator saying republicans are in denial. and when they start to see that their elections are being challenged or that they might not win because of trump they're going to start running away and that's when you see some real changes i believe is he going to lead obamacare implode. and i do know i think yeah there are certain things he can do with the payments to the insurance companies with not enforcing you know some of the pieces of the affordable care act by making sure the end of the individual mandate goes into effect that they continue to push more and more young and healthy individuals to sign up by doing that your clearly undermining the affordable care act. which is doing well in some ways in those other areas it could be improved but it seems to me this president and many people
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around him care more about winning and then they do actually solving problems for the american people and i think that's again evidence by these low approval rating so i sure hope that's not what this president does that he can put that you know ego or this you know. you know problem this issue he has with president obama for whatever reason behind him and say hey i got elected to help people out let's figure out how to get this thing right do you expect obama to be involved in the twenty eighteen congressional races and do you see a formidable democratic figure on the horizon for twenty twenty yet your great questions. president obama has kept a pretty low profile almost reminds me of what president bush did when he left i think it's really for different reasons though. i would imagine president obama will get reengaged but i have no evidence to point to for that of course but he
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obviously loves this country and wants to see democrats in control and want to see them take control of at least one branch i would say and i think the high. there's an opportunity for democrats to take back over and as far as prominent folks you know i can see quite a few young democrats and rising stars at different levels running for office some might not even be in elected office i could see some business folks i could see some outsiders you know putting their hat in the ring to run for president because they are so ashamed about what's happening right now in washington d.c. good luck with your bad dreams thanks for your time to thank you yes sir appreciate it. sir in the united states house of representatives and he's chairman of the new political nonprofit group fugitive forum foundation thank tad to again thank you for joining me on this edition of politicking remember you can join the conversation on my facebook page or tweet me at kings things and don't forget to
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use the politicking hash tag and that's all for this edition of politics. about your sudden passing i phone lee just learned you worry yourself and taken your last turn. to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry. so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each other. but then my feeling started to change you talked about more like it was still some more fun to feel those that didn't like to question or are. secretly promised to never feel like it's one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters mind it's consumed with this one to. speak to us there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its make.
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welcome to. your. welcome to the twilight zone it would seem this is the place where debbie wasserman schultz resides works and even conspires she's at the center of a growing scandal that includes ethics violations fraud and gross mishandling of
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sensitive government documents and just what none of this is being blamed on russia . washington blames russia for the escalating diplomatic crisis while donald trump blames congress writing relations with moscow over sanctions. another leak from the white house transcripts of the u.s. president's calls with world leaders all released by the media raising fears of the u.s. national security. the opposition in venezuela says it will refuse to leave paul and as the country's muti elected constituent assembly greets first session. a german rescue boat with my.


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